Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Time Out Stool

Time Out Stool: $40.00
Shipping in the USA: $15.00 +
The Boy
It is time to sit in "Time Out'' in style! Everyone says that this stool is too cute for time out but I disagree! I need CUTE in my house! Each stool is white, and you have your choice of two colors and a side design. "Time Out!" will be painted in Black unless you ask for another color. Email me what you are thinking and I will paint it for you!

Paint Colors:
Red, Blue, Light Blue, Navy, Pink, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Orange, Green, Forest Green, Lime Green, Yellow, Black, Brown, Cream

Side Designs:
Polka Dots, Dots, Stars, Hearts, Swirls, Stripes

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